Daisy Ann's Tree of Wonder

A book in progress....

Daisy Ann's Tree of wonder, part three

The magical tree was only the beginning. Elmer first took me through the green room. There was another door when we entered. That’s the door we went through. The next room was purple and it was very, very long. It was more of a cooridoor rather than a room. It was lined with doors all down the wall, the same mahogany color contrasting against the creamy white. It was so long I couldn’t see the end. It was quiet too. The only sounds were the steady pounding of Elmer’s hooves and my tiny dress shoes. I was holding my fingers in front of my legs, I was so nervous, but I didn’t care what I had to do to get home.
Ahead of me, Elmer’s rear end started to slow. I got up on the balls of my feet, trying to see above the Appaloosa ahead. My head was too close to the ground, no matter how high I treid to make myself, the horse Elmer was just too tall. Failing to look above him, ventured to look around, hoping to catch a glimpse of what made Elmer seem so cautious. I squinted and found a giant portcullis. That’s the door to the castle, I guessed.
I was right. Elmer stopped completely and looked behind. “Stay here.” The request sounded more like an order. Seeing how nervous I was, I didn’t dare disobey. He went into the closest wooden door. I waited. Minutes that seemed like hours later, Elmer came back. He was holding and orange scratchy wool blanket.
“Wrap this around you,” Elmer continued forward, doing something to the portcullis that seemed like he was biting it.

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