Daisy Ann's Tree of Wonder

A book in progress....

Daisy Ann's Tree of wonder, part two

I woke up and Jessie was missing. I could only think of “thank goodness” being that the whole tiger-thing was just a dream, even if the whole magical-tree-thing wasn’t. It was now that I realized I had been in the bed since I appeared in the crimson room. To this realization, I plopped down off the silky sheets and landed straight on the floor, which I had just figured out was a creamy yellow sort of concrete material.
The next thing I wanted to find out was first, hot to get out of the room, and second, how to get home. I walked over to a giant red swirl reaching to the ceiling and I started to run my hands over it, hoping to find some kind of trap door. To my great disappointment, there was nothing to be hound. I turned around to look at the bed once more but it was missing. The bed was gone, as suddenly as the tree in the meadow had appeared. In its place, there was a small red box about the same size of my foot. I walked over to it and picked it up. I opened it and found a small golden ring that I was sure would not fit on my finger I lifted out of the box and then the world went black.
I opened my eyes with one long yawn. That was the last time I would fall asleep in one day. With so many naps I’ve had today, I was starting to wonder which parts were dreams and which parts were real. Really, though, the whole day seemed to be one large dream. I was hoping and praying it was. How else would I be able to get home?
I looked around me and found that I was no longer in the crimson room. I was in a different one. The same swirly tile designs were on the walls: but these were green, and the floor was the same yellowish concrete. There were two things taht this room had that the other room didn’t: more area, and a door. Being still destined to get out, I decided that going through the mahogany door would be a good start. I was outside. There was a large garden with shrubs and multicolored roses. I walked carefully past each one; the sun was shining in my eyes. It was beautiful and bright. It wasn’t at all like the blizzard I had first found myself in.
I got to the end of the path and remembered how everything I had walked through once I looked back it was gone. I hurried and looked behind me at the door I had recently come through hoping I would be able to see the process of an object disappearing into thin air. Much to my disappointment, it was still there. But now, I could see the castle Jessie had been talking about. It was made of hard black stones that looked veil against the bright sun and the delicate roses. It was like something you’d have read in a fantasy book. I eased toward it slowly.
Something made me jump. I was shaking and panting when I turned around to find a horse standing in front of me. HE told me his name was Elmer. HE had a dark blackish-brown hide. His rear was made of creamy white and had a plaint-splatter design of reddish brown showing. He whinnied so loud I had to lift my hands up and cover my ears. He did not seem to notice how he had scared me. When he finished making that horrifying sound, his cracking voice came out to say, “And what might ya...oar name be young lady?” to this I responded, feeling more trust in Elmer than I did in Jessie.
“Daisy Ann”
“Can I call you Dai...see?”
“That’s what everyun at home calls me.”
“Al’ight then Daisy.” He was swinging his hind leg as if he felt an urge to move. I was about to start asking him all the questions on my mind when he did sort of a clickety-hop, sort of heel-click thing with his front hoofs making me jump a foot backward in surprise.
“Horses are strange, aren’t they,” I muttered under my breath, talking to myself as I often did. But to cover it up in case he heard me, I quickly began. “Excuse me Elmer,” I swallowed the saliva gathering in my throat. “Do you know how I might be able to get home”
“Well, Daisy, that really is something that I can’t tell you: seeing as that I don’t quite know where you came from.”
“The little country home by old Mr. Compton.”
“Daisy.... I am a slave in a castle of mystery, I don’t know where Mr. Compton lives.”
“You’re a slave?” I was more interested in his life story than acknowledging what he said. He simply just shook off the question. I sat down on a marble bench.
“C’mon Daisy,” Elmer said, moving forward to the black image of the castle showing the end of the garden. “I wanna show you something.”
I raised myself off the bench and carefully followed.

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